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Stone is a much sought after and highly desirable building material formed over millions of years as a result of a variety of climatic, chemical and physical processes. The world's complicated and dramatically complex geological history has produced a variety of stones, many of which have been quarried and utilised in building the world over for hundreds of years.

Walling stone is usually supplied sawn on all six sides which basically gives a flatter, more uniform building block. The visible side of the stone block can be left sawn (known as Ashlar) or dressed (distressed by a stonemason's chisel). Alternatively, for a more 'rustic' look, stone can be 'rumbled' giving it a roughened appearance on all sides. The look can be further enhanced by supplying blocks in random sizes or in a limited number of course sizes.

We supply walling stone from a number of UK and worldwide sources.

Limestone Ashlar

Use this website as a guide to the types of product currently available. Colour options and variations are for illustrative purposes only, the actual colour of the stone will almost certainly differ from examples shown, such is the unique quality and nature of real stone. If in any doubt, please contact our customer service team on 01302 311382.